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  • 5 Signs You Need Garage Door Repair

  • Garage doors are like any other appliance: In order for it to continue working and working well, it must undergo routine inspection and maintenance. But most of us simply wait until something goes wrong before we even consider garage door repair.

    For something we use every day, many of us don't give our garage door the attention or care they deserve. But how can you tell when a garage needs repairs?

    Here are five signs that your garage door may need to be checked.

    Doesn't Open Or Close

    Okay, this one is pretty obvious. If your garage door is flat out not working, something is wrong. Double check that nothing is blocking the doors from opening and closing properly. If everything is clear, then the malfunction may be indicative of faulty wiring or under performing photo eye sensor systems. This type of repair can be tricky, so be sure to call an expert for help. Weather, obstructions, and faulty hardware are all things that can affect whether a garage door works properly.

    Makes A Lot Of Noise

    Loud creaking and screeching are never pleasant sounds. Usually, these are a sign that something isn't working quite right.

    As garage hardware ages, a worn and loosened gear can be the cause of this racket. Older garage doors are prone to being louder than new ones. However, if the noises continue to grow, it may time to get your garage door checked out.

    Slow Response Time

    Most garage doors begin to open or close within a few seconds of remote prompting.

    If your garage door response seems delayed, there may be a problem with the remote connection. Further, if your door does respond but with considerable hitching, this is also grounds to consider garage door repair.

    Off The Tracks

    If your garage door is off the tracks, it is far more likely to malfunction and get stuck. A well-maintained garage door should run smoothly on its tracks.

    Track misalignment is a common symptom of damage after harsh weather or some sort of physical impact. Many times it's clearly visible if your garage door isn't properly aligned on its tracks. 

    Sagging Door Sections

    Like many other things in life, age can cause garage doors to start sagging. This means that when you close your door, one side may continue to drop more than another, and vice versa. 

    Balancing your garage door routinely is imperative to avoid this kind of malfunction. Checking the balance is a manual process, therefore it is advised that an expert is called to perform the inspection.  We generally recommend have preventative maintenance done on your door once per year.

    Knowing When To Call Garage Door Repair

    It can be easy to take your garage door functionality for granted. But servicing your garage door to keep it working as the well-oiled machine it is will significantly increase its useful life.

    Have other questions about whether you need to look into garage door repair for your garage? Reach out to us for a free quote and assistance!