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  •      LiftMaster's new model 375UT Universal Garage Door Remote is a perfect solution if you are looking to replace your broken or lost garage door remote that came with your garage door opener. This remote has come in handy many times for our customers when they have an older garage door opener and still want the ability to use a new technology remote without having to track down the exact model that is specified for their opener.  The 375UT Universal Garage Door Remote is like having two garage door remotes at the same time! It comes in a modern, sleek design, unlike the older models. The best part is, the new universal garage door remote works with 90% of residential garage door openers that are manufactured after 1993. So even if your garage uses multiple brands of garage doors or garage door openers, your family will only need one remote to control them all. That means no more trying to squeeze multiple garage door remotes onto your car visor! LiftMaster's new universal garage door remote also comes with built in safety features, which means you don't have to worry about someone else's remote being able to open your garage door. The new technology also operates at a frequency that eliminates all interference with the signal and extends the range. 

    375UT Universal Garage Door Remote Programming Instructions

         For complete access to your existing garage door opener, pair the universal remote with the 387LM Universal Wireless Keyless Entry! If you have ever wanted to be able to operate your garage door from the outside, this universal keypad is a great solution. Just like the universal remote, the keypad is compatible with most major garage door brands and garage door openers. A-1 Door Company keeps both of these universal wireless accessories in stock so we can provide or install these at our customers' requests. We also are running a current promotion on Groupon and livingsocial for anyone that is looking for an affordable solution to have complete access to their existing garage!

    387LM Universal Wireless Keyless Entry Programming Instructions