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    Garage Door Openers: How to Tell When It’s Time to Replace

    Garage Door Openers: How to Tell When It's Time to Replace Today’s garage door systems come with a range of complex systems and parts that have been designed to enhance user-friendliness and safety. It can, therefore, prove to be highly disruptive to your home and business when the garage door[...]

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    Replacing Garage Door Springs: To DIY or Not?

    Replacing Garage Door Springs: To DIY or Not? The springs of a garage door are created to make it easier to open the garage door by hand or with a remote from the inside of your car. Once these springs go bad, it will be very difficult to open the door. The springs and the tools to replace them are [...]

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    What to Do If Your Garage Door is Stuck

    The garage door serves a number of functions in the home. The most important is that it encloses your vehicles and forms an extra layer of security for the house to which it is attached. Most garage doors are easy to maintain and will serve you well for a long time when properly serviced. However, [...]

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    High-Tech Garages That Will Blow Your Mind

    From the appliances needed to maintain a more comfortable environment to next-generation garage doors that provide features like nearly-silent operation or enhanced automation, there are plenty of resources available for home and property owners interested in creating a high-tech space. Garages that[...]

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    Tips for Organizing Your Garage

    Tips for Organizing Your Garage Whether you haven't open the garage up in months after a long winter or you pretend not to see the clutter that's hiding behind the door every time you go in, the time has come to clean up the space and render it usable again. Getting organized can seem overwhelming,[...]

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    How to Convert Your Garage Into a Mancave

    How to Convert Your Garage Into a Mancave That Looks Sophisticated Whether you've dreamed of a man cave for years or just realized that you want one, you've decided to turn the garage into this space. Still though, you don't want it to appear messy or chaotic; instead, you're hoping to have a more [...]

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    Which Design Suits Your Home Best?

    Are you concerned about your home's curb appeal? You may not think of it often, but garage door styles play a big role in shaping the aesthetic of your property. It's important you choose a style that matches your house's exterior and stands up to the elements. You have more options than ever [...]

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    Choosing the Best Company

    An automatic garage door is one of those things we take for granted, until it stops working. A malfunctioning garage door can cause a multitude of problems. It is a security risk and can be a danger to children and pets. Over 10,000 garage door related injuries occur every year. Many of [...]

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    Safety Tips for Garage Door Extension Springs

    When most people think of their garage door, the springs aren't usually the first thing that comes to mind. They're more prone to think about the remote, automatic opener, or the door itself. While these components are the most visible, the springs are the hidden stars of your garage door [...]

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    Garage Door Screen Benefits

    Garages are among the most versatile places in any house.  For some, a garage is a safe haven to park vehicles and store things. For others, they're a workshop, an office, or a rehearsal stage.  Whatever your garage is, it can be so much more with a garage door screen.  Mounting to [...]

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