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Why Won’t My Garage Door Open?

As residential and commercial garage
door professionals
we’ve come across every issue you can think of when it comes to garage door service and repair. The most common issue we run into
is when a garage door just won’t open. We understand this can be frustrating,
and there are numerous reasons as to why your garage door might not be
operating properly. There are a lot of moving parts to be considered in a garage door system, and each of them must be in good working order for
your garage door to open.  Here are a few
common reasons why your garage door might not be

  • Transmitter Batteries Are Dead: This may sound obvious, but if the batteries in your garage
    door transmitter are dead, the transmitter won’t be able to send a signal to
    your garage door to open. Check the transmitter inside your garage manually. If
    this opens your garage door, then you’ll likely need to replace the batteries
    in your car transmitter.
  • Unaligned Tracks: If your garage door tracks are unaligned, this could be a serious issue
    regarding the functionality of your door. The metal tracks your garage door
    runs on needs to be aligned for your door to move. If you see gaps between the
    rollers and rail, you should contact a garage door professional to inspect the
  • Broken Garage Door Springs: If your garage door is not opening, but the motor is
    running then it might be an issue with your garage door springs. Each spring has a maximum number of cycles, and once it has
    exhausted its cycles, it needs to be replaced.

If you notice your garage door isn’t operating normally, the problem should be inspected as soon as possible. A1 Door Company provides garage door service for homes in Chester, VA, and the surrounding communities. Contact A1 Door Company whenever you need service for your garage door!

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