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Differences Between Four-fold & Bi-fold Doors

Folding garage doors offer several
advantages over conventional systems in addition to giving the exterior of your
building a unique aesthetic. One of the main benefits of folding doors is that
they can permit easy entry and exit and optimize your space fully. There are
two different types of folding doors: four-fold and bi-fold

Bi-Fold Garage Doors

Bi-fold garage doors feature two
horizontal slats that fold outward and slide along a track as they open. When
opened, the doors are stacked at either side, resulting in a completely
unobstructed view in order to make the most of a space. The flexibility of
bi-fold doors can accommodate almost any requirement.

Bi-fold doors are available in a
variety of materials like wood, UPVC, and aluminum. Timber bi-fold doors are
particularly aesthetically pleasing, and aluminum bi-fold doors are a popular
choice for the modern homeowner. Also, you’ll find a multitude of color options

Four-Fold Garage Doors

Compared to bi-fold doors, four-fold
garage doors feature two additional slats to cover a wider area. For this
reason, they are common in fire stations and mass transit facilities where
large trucks come and go on a regular basis. Because of their additional moving
components, four-fold garage doors typically require service more frequently than
bi-fold doors. Four-fold doors are designed for high speed, low maintenance,
and long-term durability. These doors move horizontally instead of vertically,
which makes the door visible throughout the opening motion and can allow
drivers to know the precise second the doorway is clear to exit.

Both four-fold
and bi-fold doors
are ideal for
fire stations, emergency medical services, transit facilities, security gates,
parking garage gates, and other commercial applications. Contact
today to discuss which style of
four-fold or bi-fold doors will best fit your application!

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