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Educational Information Regarding Smart Door Locks

When it comes to securing your home
and your front door, a well-made conventional lock does the job just fine.
However, a smart door lock adds an entirely new dimension to a lock’s utility, security,
and overall convenience!

A smart door lock essentially works as
an electronic lock—using Wi-Fi, Bluetooth or an alternative wireless—for your
door. In most cases, you can either use your phone, an app, or a fingerprint on
a touchpad to open the lock. Some locks can also be programmed to automatically
bolt behind you as you leave. Smart
offer one or a combination of these
keyless lock/unlock options.

There are many benefits to installing
a smart lock, including:

  • Providing
    temporary access for deliveries, home services, or neighbors
  • Providing
    permanent access for family and friends
  • Prevent extra
    keys from floating around
  • Ability to
    monitor visitors with smart phone app

Smart locks are designed to replace
the bolt lock on your door. All smart lock apps have features that allow you to
be alerted of who’s coming and going and allows you to send virtual “keys” to
family, friends, and visitors such as delivery men. Smart locks are battery operated,
with the average battery life lasting six months to a year – and, you’ll be
alerted when the batteries need to be replaced so you don’t get locked out of
your home!

Despite the benefits, smart locks
aren’t right for everyone, and you should always consider your specific needs
before investing in any piece of smart-home technology. Please give us a call
with any questions or for a free
estimate on adding a smart door lock to your home!

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