Do Your Garage Door Hinges Need to be Replaced?

Garage door hinges are very important to the overall functioning of your garage door.

Hinges will need to be replaced as soon as they are damaged because it can affect the opening and closing of your garage door. However, some signs that your garage door hinges need to be repaired are not always obvious.

What are the signs your garage door hinges need to be replaced?

Old garage door hinges

Unlike new garage door hinges, old garage door hinges tend to require constant lubrication and maintenance to remain in good condition. If you find yourself constantly having to fix or adjust your garage door hinges, it could mean that they are worn out and coming of age. Replacing your garage door hinges is the best solution for this situation.

Squeaky garage door hinges

Squeaky garage door hinges are usually easy to fix, but it could also mean there is an underlying problem with your rollers or guide tracks. Remove the pins from your garage door hinges and apply lubricant wherever there are moving mechanical parts. If the problem persists, you may need to replace your garage door hinges or have your garage inspected for more serious problems.

Damaged hinge or hardware

In some cases, old hinges and hardware can become worn out, cracked or otherwise show signs of failure.

Garage door not straight

Broken or damaged hinges will cause your garage door to open and close at an uneven angle. When your garage door hinges become damaged, it may warp or become loose, and this will interfere with your door’s ability to lift straight up and down. Garage door hinges should be fixed or replaced immediately in this situation.

Door not opening properly

If your garage door is not opening smoothly or properly (for example, if the door opens with hesitation, or opens with a jerking motion) the entire door system should be evaluated by a garage door repair professional. The hinges may only be part of the problem causing the issue with the door.

Why should you replace your garage door hinges?

There are many reasons why you should replace your old or damaged door hinges.

Replacing your garage door hinges will avoid potential problems with your door in the future and fix present issues such as issues opening and closing your door and old hinges affecting your door panels. While it might seem like a minor or irrelevant task, replacing old or damaged door hinges will save you much trouble in the future.

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