Garage Door Springs

Are you in need of a garage door spring repair service?

A1 Door Company is Richmond’s leading garage door spring repair company. We have been providing garage door spring repair services to the residential and commercial industries since 2002. The spring is a critical component of your garage door, and a broken or worn out spring can prevent your garage door from operating properly. If your garage door suddenly will not open or close automatically, or feels extremely heavy to lift manually, you are probably in need of a garage door spring repair. Another tell tale sign that you have a broken spring is if you hear a loud “bang” in the garage. If you notice your spring has a gap in between the coils and looks like it may have snapped, you are in need of a spring replacement.

A1 Door only supplies and installs the highest quality garage door springs in the industry. We also service all makes and models of garage doors.

Call us at (804) 587-0630 to set up a garage door spring repair appointment.


How Often Do They Go Bad?

You can buy garage door springs with different lifespans, so it all depends on what you invest in. There are options for 10,000 uses and 20,000 uses, which means that the spring will likely go bad right around the time they reach that number of uses.

Symptoms of Failure

There are a few things you can watch for so that you know when your garage door springs will soon need to be replaced. The symptoms of failure are:

  • your garage door feels heavier when you try to open it by hand
  • when using the electric door opener, you can hear that it is straining

When either of these issues occurs, it is essential to get the springs replaced as soon as possible. If they are not replaced, the springs could break suddenly, causing the garage door to slam down. This could hurt someone standing near the door, or it could damage your vehicle if it happens while you are pulling in or out of the garage.

Safety Concerns and Dangers of Replacing the Garage Door Springs

If your garage door springs have already broken, there are safety issues involved that you should be aware of. First, you should never pull the emergency release handle when the door is open because the door will come down fast and hard. Since the spring is broken, there is nothing that will slow the door down.

Another safety concern is that if the door is left open, it can fall at any time or someone may try to close it without realizing that there is an issue. If you must leave the door open, you should place something sturdy underneath the door on both sides to help support it. You could also have a couple people hold the door up while you disconnect it from the garage door opener, and then close it manually.

There are danger risks involved when replacing the garage door springs, as well. The garage door springs always have tension, even when they are damaged. Since they have tension, they can slip, come loose, or completely break, which could cause you to get hurt.

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