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Your Fall Garage Maintenance Checklist

As the leaves begin to change and the autumnal seasons draws near, now is a great time to mark all of your garage-related items off of your to-do list. The change in weather and temperature has lasting effects on many aspects of your garage. Rather than deal with those items as they come up, why not handle them now and be prepared this fall?

Below are some autumn garage maintenance items that you can take care of:

Clean Out the Garage

Fall and spring are the best times to clean out your garage, since the crisp temperatures are conducive to a pleasant work environment. Take all of the items out of your garage and think about what can be thrown away, what can be stored, and what can stay. Be sure to not store items like propane tanks, canned items, or firewood, as these items all can be hazardous and pose health and safety risks to your home. Once you’re done, you should have no problem parking your car in the garage once it starts to get really cold outside!

Pest-Proof Your Garage

As temperatures start to drop, pests will be itching to get into warmer spaces for food and shelter. Do a scan of your garage and take note of any open spaces that can allow pests to enter. If your garage door has windows or worn-out weather stripping, make it a point to address those items and seal off these potential entrances. Also, make sure that any food or garbage in your garage is completely sealed, as to not let out any inviting odors to pests.

Clean Out Your Gutters

When gutters are clogged, the buildup can cause water to sit in the gutters and eventually seep into walls and ceilings of your home. Your garage can fall victim to this leakage, which is why you should be sure to prioritize gutter cleaning this fall. Remember to be safe and bring the right tools for the job!

Complete Garage Door Maintenance

To get the most time and use out of your garage doors, they need to be maintained regularly. If you rely on experts for this, an annual maintenance appointment is recommended. Regardless of who completes the maintenance, it’s important for the different parts of your garage doors to be checked on. From the rollers to the springs to the weatherstripping to the openers… There’s a lot that needs to be managed! The best part of maintenance, however, is that you can detect small issues before they turn into big, expensive problems.

Autumn is an amazing time of year, especially in Virginia! By completing maintenance and knocking out to-do list items early, it will give you more time to spend with the ones you love. If you want your garage door needs handled promptly, call A1 Door Company. We’ve been Richmond, VA’s top garage door maintenance provider since 2002.

Why Annual Garage Door Maintenance is Key

We often tend to take our garage doors for granted, in that we do not pay attention to them unless they are not working. The truth of the matter is that garage doors are the largest and most used features of your home. They protect the interior of your home through all 4 seasons and ward off pests and intruders. So why do the average homeowners tend to neglect their garage door when it comes to maintenance?

If you want to get the most time out of your garage doors, you should have a professional perform maintenance at least once a year. Below are some of the most significant reasons why annual garage door maintenance is important.

Spot Repairs When They Are Small
One of the best parts of annual garage door maintenance appointment is when a technician notices a small fix that saves you money in the long run. We tend to ignore smaller issues (rusted parts, strange noises) when our doors are still working correctly. Preventative maintenance can prevent garage door issues – especially the expensive and inconvenient ones – from occurring in the first place. This saves you time and money!

Secure Peace of Mind
Your garage plays a huge role in your day-to-day routine. Nobody wants to be in their car ready to take on the day, when they realize their doors won’t open or close. This is why annual garage door maintenance is so important. When you have a professional take a look at your doors and opener, they can make sure all of the parts are operational and that the system is lined up for success. When you keep your garage doors maintained, you can relax knowing that they are more likely to work as they should – leaving you to live your life as normal.

Boost Safety for Your Home
When you fall behind on your garage door’s maintenance needs, you also fall behind on your home’s security. Your garage door is likely the largest access point of your house. Over time, erosion can create an opening at the bottom of your garage opening. Humid weather and rain can also bring rust to metallic doors. When you have an expert to evaluate your garage doors each year, they can track the shape and security of your garage doors and make fixes where needed.

When it comes to garage door maintenance, you do not have much to lose! Regular maintenance keeps your home safer, your doors operational, and repair costs low. They also protect your investment and allow you to enjoy your garage doors for as much time as possible. At A1 Door Company, we’ve been the garage door maintenance experts of Richmond, VA, for years. Give us a call today to learn more!

Noisy Garage Door Driving you to Become Unhinged?

A quality garage door is something that you should be proud
of; these doors make up a big portion of your home’s curb appeal, after all!
With all of the current styles and materials of doors available these days,
it’s becoming easier to grab the attention of your neighbors with your garage
door’s design. A noisy garage door, however, grabs the attention of others in a
less positive way.

Noisy garage doors are a common problem for many homeowners.
Whether you hear rattles, squeaks or shrieks, it can be tough to tell if these
sounds are an indicator of incoming repairs. There a few reasons your doors are
making noises, all of which indicate that something is wrong to varying

  1. Bent tracks are a common culprit for noisy
    doors. The tracks are the railings that guide your door open and closed. When
    they’re bent, this makes rubbing noises that can wake up a whole street! You
    can tell if your tracks are bent when you notice loose screws along the rails.

  2. Speaking of loose screws, loose parts overall
    are sources for garage door commotion. The garage door’s rollers, hinges,
    chain, nuts and bolts are all things that can loosen up when not maintained.
    The resulting effect comes in the form of loud rattling or vibrating sounds.

  3. A lack of lubrication is another cause for a
    loud garage door. Much of the hardware of your garage doors relies on
    well-lubricated parts that contribute to smooth ride open and closed. Without
    lubrication, added strain is put on the opener, resulting in uncomfortable
    squeaking and grinding noises.

The good news is that many of the above issues are
preventable and fixable through proper garage door maintenance. It’s
recommended that you hire a professional garage door service to inspect your
garage door at least once a year. As one of the largest, most-used moving parts
of your home, it’s important to make sure that everything is working correctly.
Maintenance is great for the consumer, because your technician can address
small issues on the spot and prevent further problems from developing. This
saves you money on expensive repairs and time spent waiting on your door to

As far as some simple steps you can take on your own, we’re
happy to share a few tips to make your garage door a bit quieter:

  • Do an inspection of your garage door’s rollers
    (the parts of the door that guide it down the track). If your rollers are worn,
    damaged, or not spinning, you’ll need to order some new ones as a replacement.
  • Consider purchasing a new garage door opener.
    How long have you had your current opener? As time goes by, openers become worn
    and noisier the more they are used. A new opener can cut down on the noise and
    make for a smoother ride for your garage doors!
  • Lubricate the metal parts of your garage door
    system. The rollers, hinges, tracks and springs all require
    lubricant to work their best. Make sure to pick out a lubricant intended for
    garage door metals and apply it sparingly to cut down on noise.

To learn more about proper garage door maintenance, contact us here at A1 Door Company today!

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