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Your Fall Garage Maintenance Checklist

As the leaves begin to change and the autumnal seasons draws near, now is a great time to mark all of your garage-related items off of your to-do list. The change in weather and temperature has lasting effects on many aspects of your garage. Rather than deal with those items as they come up, why not handle them now and be prepared this fall?

Below are some autumn garage maintenance items that you can take care of:

Clean Out the Garage

Fall and spring are the best times to clean out your garage, since the crisp temperatures are conducive to a pleasant work environment. Take all of the items out of your garage and think about what can be thrown away, what can be stored, and what can stay. Be sure to not store items like propane tanks, canned items, or firewood, as these items all can be hazardous and pose health and safety risks to your home. Once you’re done, you should have no problem parking your car in the garage once it starts to get really cold outside!

Pest-Proof Your Garage

As temperatures start to drop, pests will be itching to get into warmer spaces for food and shelter. Do a scan of your garage and take note of any open spaces that can allow pests to enter. If your garage door has windows or worn-out weather stripping, make it a point to address those items and seal off these potential entrances. Also, make sure that any food or garbage in your garage is completely sealed, as to not let out any inviting odors to pests.

Clean Out Your Gutters

When gutters are clogged, the buildup can cause water to sit in the gutters and eventually seep into walls and ceilings of your home. Your garage can fall victim to this leakage, which is why you should be sure to prioritize gutter cleaning this fall. Remember to be safe and bring the right tools for the job!

Complete Garage Door Maintenance

To get the most time and use out of your garage doors, they need to be maintained regularly. If you rely on experts for this, an annual maintenance appointment is recommended. Regardless of who completes the maintenance, it’s important for the different parts of your garage doors to be checked on. From the rollers to the springs to the weatherstripping to the openers… There’s a lot that needs to be managed! The best part of maintenance, however, is that you can detect small issues before they turn into big, expensive problems.

Autumn is an amazing time of year, especially in Virginia! By completing maintenance and knocking out to-do list items early, it will give you more time to spend with the ones you love. If you want your garage door needs handled promptly, call A1 Door Company. We’ve been Richmond, VA’s top garage door maintenance provider since 2002.

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