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3 Features to Look For in a Garage Door Upgrade

When the time comes to upgrade your garage doors, it’s important that you consider all of your options before making a decision. Gone are the days of the one-style-fits all landscape of garage door and opener models. Nowadays, new garage doors systems offer much more variety as well as new features. In this blog, we’ll highlight three important features to consider for your new doors.


The temperature of your garage often affects the comfort level in all of the rooms adjacent to it. Between the hot summers and cold winters of Virginia, the garage’s temperature can put a burden on your home’s HVAC system. Insulation used to be an add-on for garage doors, but more and more manufacturers are making garage door insulation the standard. Before choosing your door replacement, verify how insulated they are – if at all. The right door can lock your home’s temperature in and save you money on your monthly heating or cooling bill.

Wi-Fi Connectivity

Some features for garage doors can feel like bells and whistles, but no substance. Having a Wi-Fi enabled garage door system, however, can offer several security and convenience benefits. The popular LiftMaster myQ system (which works for a variety of systems, not just LiftMaster) connects your garage door opener to the internet, allowing you to open and close your door with your phone. This system also won’t leave you wondering whether your door is open or closed; you just open the app on your phone and see for yourself! Wi-Fi openers can also serve as hotspots that boost internet speed in your garage, which is great for those that use their space to work or entertain.

Available Customizations

If you’re worried that you have to make a compromise or settle for a garage door style that matches your home’s – don’t be! Any decent garage door today is able to be customized to fit the design of your home’s façade. From glass windows to iron accents and more, there are no shortage of ways to make your next garage doors your own.

At A1 Door Company, we maintain solid relationships with the nation’s top garage door manufacturers. This allows us to provide Richmond, VA, and more with the most current garage door models – at great value to our customers. If you want to hear more about modern garage door features or about upgrading your system, call us today!

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