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5 important reasons to upgrade your garage door opener

Your garage door opener is likely not something you think about until it stops working. However, even if your current system is working fine right now, if it is an older garage door installation, there are several reasons you should consider upgrading it.

1. Safety reversal systems

Safety reverse sensors detect any object underneath the garage door as it is closing. If the sensors detect an object, the door stops closing and reverses. Since 1993, the law has required all automatic garage door openers to have reverse sensors installed. These sensors are critical to the safe operation of your residential garage door. If you have children, pets, or any object such as a bicycle or a gardening tool, if left on the garage floor, they could be injured, or the thing could be damaged. If your current garage door opener does not have a reversal sensor, it is time to replace it immediately.

2. Quieter, smoother operation

Does everyone in your household wake up when the garage door opens late at night? Installing a new door opener with a quieter design will solve that problem.

3. Battery backup system

Have you ever been unable to open your garage door when the power goes out? New garage door openers have battery backup systems that will kick in when you lose electricity, so no more disruptions to the smooth operation of your garage door in a storm.

4. Homelink connectivity

Homelink is a wireless, vehicle-based control system that allows you to open your garage door and other controls such as turning on interior or exterior lighting or opening a gate all from a button on your vehicle’s dashboard.

5. Open your garage door with your cell phone

There are several “smart home” controls that you can use to open your garage door from your cell phone. Imagine being able to say, “Hey Siri, open the garage door, please,” or Alexa, Google Home, or whatever smart home hub you have. You can connect to these systems via Bluetooth, wifi or over the Internet, which means you can open your garage door remotely from anywhere on the planet.

If your garage door opener seems a bit sluggish from the years of continuous operation lifting and lowering that heavy garage door, it’s time to replace it. In addition, there are many advanced features available such as the ability to open the door with your phone either from the driveway or remotely with a wifi smart garage door opener. Finally, if you would like to feel more secure about protecting your home from break-ins, these are all excellent reasons to upgrade your garage door opener now.

The experts at A1 DoorCompany are here to provide the most up-to-date garage door opening system to suit your needs, which will work with the type of garage door you have. We are here whether you are ready for a new garage door installation or maintain the one you have. Contact us today to ask about all the services we provide.

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