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5 Tips to Keep Your Commercial Garage Cool in the Summer

The summer heat can be brutal on commercial properties. The danger of heat stress, exhaustion, and dehydration among employees is serious as temperatures soar. If you manage a commercial garage and are concerned about the potentially harmful effects of the heat on your team, you’re not alone. High temperatures put workers at risk for everything from dehydration to heat stroke. To prevent such dangerous conditions in your commercial garage this summer, follow these tips to keep things cool and comfortable throughout the year.

Install a ventilation system

When temperatures rise, it is crucial to keep the indoor environment cool. One of the most effective ways to do this is by installing an industrial ventilation system. When temperatures climb, ventilation systems can be programmed to increase airflow through the building. This system can be automated to maintain a consistent temperature and humidity levels in your commercial garage. In addition to temperature control, ventilation systems help with indoor air quality. This is essential for commercial garages where there may be chemicals in use. A ventilation system will help mitigate the potential for indoor air quality issues.

Provide plenty of water and electrolytes

In the summer, dehydration can set in fast. While the effects of dehydration can be felt year-round, they are often exacerbated in the summer months. If caught early enough, water and electrolyte drinks can be beneficial in helping employees to cope with the heat and avoid dehydration. A variety of electrolyte drinks can be made available to employees. These drinks are designed to help replenish electrolytes lost during heat stress or intense physical activity. They can also help stave off headaches and cramps often associated with dehydration. Make sure to offer sugar-free electrolyte drinks. Although water is always the best choice, it is also important to offer other beverages. Water only becomes more critical in the summer months.

Adjust work hours and rotate breaks

One way to improve the commercial garage’s overall indoor environment is to adjust work hours. Limit employees’ hours in the building during the hottest parts of the day. Along with changing work hours, it is also essential to consider breaks. Employees should be encouraged to take breaks in shaded or air-conditioned areas. These breaks could be as simple as a walk around the block. Rotating breaks are a great way to spread the heat stress among the entire team. This will help prevent any employee from feeling too overwhelmed by the heat.

Use light-colored roofing materials

Roofing is another essential aspect of commercial garage design that can be extremely helpful during summer. The roof of the building is one of the primary ways heat escapes. Therefore, roofing materials can make the difference between an indoor environment that’s bearable and one that is sweltering. Using a lighter-colored roofing material can be an effective way to help keep the commercial garage cool. Darker materials are more effective at blocking sunlight during the summer. A lighter-colored roofing material allows sunlight to enter the building but traps the heat inside. This causes an artificial cooling effect. The result is a commercial garage that is much less uncomfortable.

Switch to insulated garage doors 

An insulated commercial garage door helps keep the heat out of your commercial garage in the summer, and seals in the warmth in the fall and winter months.There are several different types of insulated garage doors available in the market today such as: steel, fiberglass, aluminum and wood. Some owners may feel more comfortable with one type of material over another for several reasons. 

If you’re looking to buy a new insulated commercial garage door, you’ll want to check the quality of the insulation. There are a few different kinds of insulation that can be used to make a commercial garage door, such as polyurethane, polystyrene, and polyethylene foam. You’ll want to first decide which insulation would be best for your climate and what kind of maintenance, if any, that insulation requires. Polyurethane insulation is a great option for many climates, thanks to its moisture resistant properties. A1 Door Company is here to help you choose the best commercial garage doors with the type of insulation that meets your unique needs.


During the summer months, it is crucial to take steps to keep the commercial garage cool and comfortable. We have recommended several ways to do this: 

  • Install a ventilation system that you can program to increase airflow through the building. 
  • Adjust workers’ hours and rotating breaks, use light-colored roofing materials, and incorporate physical activities into the work day. 
  • Install an insulated commercial garage door.

With these tips in mind, you are well on your way to keeping your commercial garage cool and comfortable as the summer months seem to get warmer each year. Be sure to contact A1 Door Company today. We serve all of Virginia’s commercial garage door needs. Call us today  at (804) 403-7278 for same-day service or to schedule a consultation.

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