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  •      In the past couple of weeks, it has surfaced that a hacker was able to program a children's toy to have the ability to open many garage doors across the country. The new tool is called OpenSesame, and it can open any overhead or garage door opener that uses an insecure "fixed code" connection to a wireless remote.  With the tool, the hacker could be able to open your garage door within about 8 seconds.  The hacker built the device using a popular girl's toy called the IM-ME manufactured by Mattel.  Fitted with a special antenna, and the OpenSesame code, the device can be created for under $100.  The device attempts to open a garage door by trying every possible remote code in a matter of seconds.  The device, seen in the picture below, is small enough to keep in your pocket while attempting to get in.  The good news for us is that this code does not work on every garage door opener remote on the market.  As previously mentioned, it only works if your garage door remote is using a "fixed code" connection.  There are many remotes on the market that use a "rolling code" connection, that is much more secure and resistant to the hack.  While its not exactly known just how many "fixed code" remote connections are out there, we have heard that the OpenSesame code has been successful on many of the major garage door opener brands.

  •      Many of us keep some of our most prized possessions in our home garages, such as automobiles and expensive tools and equipment.  A-1 Door Company  suggests that you check to make sure that your current garage door opener does not use the "fixed code" connection.  Most garage door openers have a set of 12 dip switches, which are binary, and provide a total of 4,096 possible code combinations  The good news is that it is very easy to check to see which type of garage door remote connection that your system has.  If you are using a garage door that uses "fixed codes", to prevent this type of attack, ensure you upgrade to a system which clearly states that it's using rolling codes, hopping codes, Security+ or Intellicode.  See the video below for instructions on how to check if you are using a secure garage door opener system to protect your home.  Also, adding a home security system that is linked to your garage door is another great option to consider.   Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or concerns.

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