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  •      Garage Door Springs are the single most important components to raising and lowering your garage door! If you are having issues with your garage or overhead door opening and closing, it is highly likely that you have a broken spring. A garage door spring repair might sound like an easy "do-it-yourself" project, however, the spring is the most dangerous component on the garage door. The first thing to know is that there are two different types of garage door springs. One type of garage door spring is called a torsion spring. The second type of garage door spring is called an extension spring. Garage doors either have torsion springs or extension springs, but not both. They also often have either one or two springs per door. Please see our Garage Door Components article to help determine what kind of springs your garage door has. When a garage door spring breaks, it makes a loud "bang". You might hear the sound and realize your garage door no longer works. However, if you don't hear it, you might just notice your garage door has suddenly stopped opening. A garage door operates on a counterbalance system. The spring provides a force that offsets the weight of the garage door, making it much easier to lift. An out of balance spring is also a common issue with garage doors. You might notice this when you are operating the garage door manually with the pull cord. A properly operating garage door will raise and lower quietly and smoothly. Spraying lubricant on the springs and hinges regularly will also ensure that the garage door is operating efficiently. It is recommended that a garage door spring be lubricated 2-4 times per year. If you are having issues with your garage door springs or are in need of a garage door spring repair, please call A-1 Door Company of Richmond, VA. A-1 Door Company has a team of technicians that specialize in garage door spring repair, while offering the most competitive pricing in the area. A-1 Door also offers 24/7 service in case you are in need of an emergency repair.

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