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  • How Cold Weather Affects Garage Doors and Openers

  •      A-1 Door Company is here to help get you through the winter!  As most of you know, temperature change has a major affect on mechanical parts in and around your home.  Your garage is one of the most affected areas of your home during the winter months.  The temperature change can have an impact on your garage door, as well as your garage door opener.  Most importantly, it is important to keep rainwater, sleet, and snow away from your garage door opening during the winter months.  Wooden doors, frames, or jambs can absorb water and swell causing the garage door to rub during operation.  If it gets cold enough, the garage door can also become frozen shut.

         The second thing to keep an eye on is the garage door opener.  The cold weather can have a serious affect on the garage door opener and all of its moving parts.  Since the motor has to work harder, it is even more important during this time to make sure that everything is properly lubricated.  If the improper lubricant is used, the consistency can thicken and cause the motor to have to work even harder. The less help your motor gets from the spring, the more work the motor has to put out.  The spring works most efficiently when properly lubricated.  The photo-eyes are another important thing to check during the colder months.  If any snow or condensation fogs the lenses on the photo-eyes, your garage door opener will not operate the door.  If your door isn't working all of a sudden, the photo-eyes should be the first thing to clean and make sure nothing is in the path.  All of these reasons are why it is recommended garage doors be serviced at least once per year.  Be sure to check out A-1 Door Company's yearly preventative maintenance service plan.

         You also might notice how much colder it is inside your garage during the winter months than the rest of your house.  This is because some garage doors do not come with any insulation.  The insulation in your walls is what keeps the heat trapped in keeping your house warm.  Keep in mind that if having a cold garage is an issue, A-1 Door Company Can always install insulation into any existing garage door.  Don't hesitate to call A-1 Door Company of Richmond, VA if you run into any garage door or garage door opener issues this winter!