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How To Increase Your Garage Door’s Curb Appeal On A Budget

modern home garage door with window inserts

Your garage door has the potential to add to the overall attractiveness of your home’s exterior–its curb appeal–whether you are planning to keep your home or list it for sale. When someone first approaches your home, you want the overall impression to be pleasing and welcoming. If it’s visible with the front of your home, your garage door plays a significant role in the overall curb appeal of your home.  It doesn’t matter if you have an old garage or if you’re looking to give your home a facelift; here are some tips on how you can make it look more appealing at a low cost.

Paint Your Garage Door

The best way to make your garage door look great quickly is to paint it. You might update the color. You could go with a color that compliments your house and make it a little lighter than the rest of your siding if you’ve got it.

Resurface your current garage doors

Reinvent the appearance of your current garage doors at a fraction of the cost of replacing them. If all they require is a cosmetic fix, you can add either wood or steel panels to give your garage an entirely fresh look.

Add or Update Your Exterior Lighting

You can add lighting to your garage doors to place a spotlight on the improvements you have made to make them really stand out. As the sun sets, the drama begins and you can get this amazing effect even on a reasonable budget.

Redesign the landscaping

Adding shrubs and flowering plants can help frame the view of your garage doors and really give an elegant boost to your home’s curb appeal. Bringing in more natural elements makes the entry to your property feel more relaxed and welcoming. You can create a wonderful impact without spending a lot of cash with landscaping.

Replace your garage door’s hardware and trim

There are many options for upgrading the trim on your garage, or replacing the hardware to match the design of the rest of your home’s exterior. These are simple changes that won’t cost a lot, but will make a big difference in the appearance of your garage door and the overall appearance of your home’s exterior.

If you visit the design center on the A1 Door Company website, you can upload a picture of your home and see what your new doors would look like before you buy them. This gives you the opportunity to try on various looks before you choose the doors that will work best for your home.

Whether you make modifications to your current garage doors, or choose to purchase a new door, there are options for every budget at A1 Door Company. We serve all of Virginia, and we are ready to serve you when you are ready to renovate, repair or replace your garage doors. Contact A1 Door at (804) 403-7278 for same day service or to schedule a consultation.

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