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How to Open Your Overhead Garage Door When the Power is Off

When the power goes off in your home, it can be inconvenient. Depending on how long it is out, the air temperature in your home may get very hot or cold. Remember that when the power is off, so is your garage door opener. Consider these tips if you need your garage door opened during a power outage.

  • First, a safety precaution: do NOT use this method if your garage door is already in the open position! It will likely cause your garage door to slam shut without any safety measures. Doing so could injure any person or possession in its path. It would also be very hard on the door, causing potential damage to door parts.
  • Now, let’s get to work on your garage door. Since the door is down, make sure you have a well-lit path. Bring a flashlight, open garage window curtains, or whatever is needed to provide light.
  • Look for the red release latch. It is connected by a cord that is frequently red, or red and white. The latch is located near the top of your garage door. 
  • Give the release latch a gentle tug. You will hear the trolley disconnecting from your opening unit.
  • You may now open your garage door manually by directly leading it upward with your hands.

To close the garage door, you will again lead it gently back down with your hands. 

After your power returns, you will want to reconnect the trolley as soon as possible for both ease and safety. Your garage door opening system also serves as a locking unit and will not be reactivated until your unit is fully reconnected.  

  • Find your red release latch.
  • Give a gentle tug to the latch. 
  • Now the door will be ready to push open and reconnect the trolley to the central unit.
  • Upon re-engaging, you will see the trolley slide on top of the unit.
  • Use your door opener remote to ensure everything is back in working order.

If you have any questions or concerns about this or any other garage door issues, please contact A1 Door Company to assist you. Our team of door technicians can help you in Richmond, VA, and the surrounding areas!

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