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  • With Hurricane Joaquin approaching in the next few days, we thought it would be a perfect time to inform people on how to protect their garage door during big storms. Your garage door is one of the most vulnerable parts of your home during a storm because it is the largest opening. In terms of dollars, most of the damage during big storms is attributed to garage doors. Most doors can be susceptible to buckling at 100 mile an hour winds. If the garage door buckles and allows strong winds inside, it leaves the roof vulnerable as well. As you know, a garage door is only supported on each side of the door by the track and can be damaged fairly easily by high winds. Reinforcing your garage door with braces is the cheapest way to secure it. There are metal reinforcement kits available (see picture below) to protect your garage door from being damaged or you can create your own kit by reinforcing the garage door the same way with 2x4's. It is recommended that a single car garage door have one brace and a double car garage door have two braces. Metal reinforcement braces can usually be picked up at your local store such as Lowe's (click here). If you have any questions or need assistance installing garage door storm braces, feel free to give A-1 Door Company a call at (804) 271-3035!

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