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Noticing a Broken Garage Door Spring: What to Look Out For

Broken Garage Door Springs Repair

A lot of different parts go into making your garage door the reliable entry & security system that it is. One of the most significant pieces of the puzzle is the garage door springs, also known as torsion springs. These parts play a huge role in opening and closing your doors; should anything happen to these, you’ll find that your system is in trouble.

In this blog, we’ll be going over the different things you can look out for to notice a broken or damaged garage door spring. It’s important to spot damaged torsion springs as soon as possible, so that you can get them fixed before the whole garage system becomes compromised.


Is your garage door having a tough time opening and closing? If it falls a few inches while opening or just moves up and down the track slower than usual, your garage doors may have a balance problem. While this isn’t necessarily a symptom of a damaged garage door spring, it can be a way to aggravate your spring. Balance problems need to be addressed as early as you spot them. Unbalanced doors place more strain on your torsion spring, so address your system’s balance before a spring breaks.

Squeaking Noises

Anyone with a garage door knows that noise is bound to happen. Over time, your torsion springs can become worn and start to squeak more than usual. This can be a sign that your spring is at risk for damage or even breaking. Sometimes, making the excessive squeak noises go away can be as simple as adding some lubricant. If that doesn’t help, you may need an expert to have a look.

Heavy Doors

If you’ve already noticed that your garage doors are opening slowly, try manually opening it. If your doors feel very heavy, this is a sign that your springs are broken. Torsion springs support a bulk of the weight of your doors, and without them – your opener is put through an unhealthy amount strain.

Gaps in the Spring

Torsion systems are typically made up on one or two springs over the garage door, which are under immense pressure. When they break, they unwind and leave a visible gap. If you notice this, call an expert right away. Should the spring damage further or even snap, the pressure of the coil can be extremely hazardous.

Garage door springs are no joke. If you have any reason to think that your springs are damaged or broken, call A1 Door Company right away. We have years of experience in Richmond, VA, and beyond, as well as the equipment necessary to handle the job safely. Call us today if you have any questions!

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