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Quick, Listen Up! What You Need to Know About High-Speed Doors

High-speed doors serve the basic function of a barrier in a commercial building. Their most important purpose is to open and close quickly. Most high-speed doors are power operated and require minimal maintenance. They serve specific functions in industries like food processing, car dealerships, manufacturing facilities, and logistics. They are weather-resistant, secure and provide environmental containment. High-speed doors create operational efficiencies, keep employees safe, and reduce costs.

Here is how a
high-speed door can affect your business…

  • Increased Security: High-speed doors have built-in security functions. They open and close quickly cutting the risk of being able to enter areas of your facility.
  • Saves You Money: High-speed doors open and close quickly, saving you money on HVAC maintenance, heat, and air conditioning costs, as well as reduced repair costs from collisions. These quick-closing doors will help to retain heat or keep a building cool by ensuring the door is not left open for too long.
  • Keep Employees Safer: Quick operation, strong seals, and durable materials keep employees and visitors safe. High-speed doors can segregate areas of their facilities. Some doors even have signaling technology to warn employees of approaching vehicles on the opposite side of the door.
  • Production Efficiency: In a busy warehouse, the last thing a business needs is for people to be waiting too long for doors to open. A high-speed door will ensure the flow of traffic speed is improved whilst also improving security. By controlling the flow of traffic, you are improving the control you have over the business’s space by limiting access, which reduces the chance of unwanted intruders.

A1 Door Company specializes in the installation of high-speed doors for commercial and industrial applications – and they come in a wide variety of materials and sizes! Give us a call to discuss which model of the high-speed door is best suited for your commercial application.

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