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What is Causing a Garage Door Not to Close Properly?

As the largest moving access point of your home, it’s hard not to be concerned when your garage doors won’t close correctly. Whether they return to the open position or remain in some half-closed position, your home’s security is at risk when your doors aren’t shutting right. This is why we want to use this blog to go over some common causes for a garage door not closing.

Misaligned Sensors

If you aren’t familiar with your sensors, take a look at the bottom of your garage door’s tracks. On each side, there are small sensors that sit facing one another. These sensors emit a signal to the other, which is usually interrupted by people walking through it or objects falling in the way of the signal. This signal can also be obstructed when the sensors are misaligned. Be sure that each sensor is pointing at the other one straight on; usually there are blinking lights on the sensors when the signal is interrupted. Once the blinking stops, your sensors should be aligned!

Objects in the Way

As we mentioned above, there are sensors on your garage doors that trigger a response to any obstruction. Garages are often subject to clutter and storage. It’s possible that something may have fallen in the path of your garage door, setting off the sensors and making it impossible for your doors to close. Consider cleaning up the garage door area to ensure that your doors have a clear path to close.

Broken Springs

Garage doors depend on springs for some key functions of the opening and closing. If you notice your doors aren’t closing or opening like they are supposed to, it’s likely that your garage doors springs are in need of repair or replacement. Unfortunately, unlike the above, this is not a DIY task. Garage door springs operate under intense pressure, making them very dangerous to be around when you don’t have the right tools. Contact a professional if your think your broken springs are the culprit.

Tracks are Damaged

Another common reason doors can’t close is because of damaged tracks. From dents to warping, damaged tracks can make it impossible for your garage doors to make their journey from open to close. Before your call for repairs, check your tracks to make sure there isn’t anything blocking the tracks. If you’re able to remove any blockages, you may be able to fix the doors then and there! If not, a professional will have to complete a replacement.

A garage door that won’t close is not something you should live with. Garage doors play a huge role in your home’s security, so be sure to examine your doors closely when they will not close. If the quick DIY solutions aren’t working, call A1 Door Company for more advanced repair. We are Richmond, VA’s trusted source of garage door repair and more!

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