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  • 3 Common Causes of Damaged Garage Door Cables

  • Broken or damaged garage door cables can occur for many reasons. When your garage door cables get old or accumulate a lot of wear and tear from the weather, they can damage from becoming rusty or loose and require garage door repair. The following are a few of the most common causes that can lead to damaged garage door cables. 

    1. Improperly installed garage door springs

    Garage door springs that are not installed properly can cause your cables to snap or loosen. This happens because the tension springs are not able to handle the tension from your garage door being opened when they are improperly installed. Thereafter, the cables will jump off their track and snap or break, which can also cause your garage door to become close unevenly or become stuck. When this happens, you’ll need a highly-qualified garage door repair contractor to fix this problem and get your garage door back to working like it’s brand new.

    2. Damaged garage door pulleys

    Damaged pulleys are one of the most common causes of snapped garage door cables. If your pulley becomes damaged it can cause your cables to become weak from constant friction. When this problem goes unnoticed for a long time, it will eventually cause your entire garage door cable to snap. Therefore, you should consistently check on your garage door springs and cables to make sure they are still functioning properly.

    3. Misaligned garage door track

    Garage door tracks can shift and become misaligned as they are constantly used. This can lead to parts of your garage door becoming damaged such as your cables and your springs. In more severe cases, it can also affect other hardware on your garage door such as your hinges and bolts, and this can lead to your garage door not functioning properly. These issues may not be easy for most homeowners to recognize, so it is best to contact a professional garage door repair company when you notice movement or sounds coming from your garage door that’s out of the ordinary.

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