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  • How to Properly Align Photo Eye Sensors

  • Photo-eye sensors on a garage door(s) is a safety feature that stops the door from closing if the photo eye senses an obstruction in its pathway. This will prevent damage to vehicles, people, or pets in the path of the door.

    Photo-eye sensors are on each side of the garage door, typically about 6 inches above the ground. One of the sensors directs a beam towards the other, and if there’s an object interrupting that beam, the sensors prevent the garage door from closing. If they become misaligned, which happens more frequently than you’d think, your photo eye sensors will need some adjustments.

    First, make sure there’s nothing obstructing the signal between the sensors. If there’s an item in the way, the sensors will not be able to communicate with one another. Also, be sure to check the wires leading to the sensors, making sure they’re connected properly and aren’t damaged. If this all looks correct, you can make slight adjustments to your photo-eye sensors by hand until they’re realigned. Remember to be gentle when you’re making adjustments; the sensors are quite delicate. Adjust the sensor that is not lit, and once it’s in the correct position you should see the light back on. Your door should be working properly again once this is done.

    If this doesn’t do the trick, check to see if the units are dirty. Use a cloth to lightly wipe the lens of each sensor, removing any dirt or build-up.

    After making the necessary adjustments to your photo-eye sensors and ensuring that they’re clear of any obstructions and/or debris, try operating your door while checking for prompt, smooth operation.

    If your door still refuses to function as expected, contact A-1 Door Company to inspect your system and recommend repairs. We’ve been helping homeowners in Colonial Heights, VA with all their garage door needs for over 15 years.