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  • Benefits of Garage Door Screens

  • A garage door screen is a beneficial addition to the garage opening that allows for a patio style screen door to be placed inside of your garage door. This addition uses up as little space as possible and is fully retractable, which works with your existing garage door. Garage door screens allow for garages to be used as outdoor living spaces, and can turn your garage into a bright, pest-free living space in a matter of seconds!

    In addition to your garage being a safe place to park your vehicle, you could also use your garage as a workshop and/or office and be able to breathe in fresh outdoor air while you work! Whichever way you choose to use your garage, it can be so much more with a garage door screen. Here are a few key benefits of a garage door screen:

    • Keep Pests & Dirt Out: With the addition of a garage door screen, you will be able to let fresh air in while keeping bugs out! Not only will a garage door screen help protect you and your home from the effects of unwanted pests, but it will prevent leaves, grass, and other debris from easily making their way inside, thus contributing to a cleaner space overall.
    • More Space & Comfort for Less: Instead of spending a ton of time and money on the design and installation of a pricey new sunroom, patio, or deck, consider investing in a garage door screen! This is a much more economical option that will allow you to quickly and easily reap the rewards of the additional living space, but with lower costs and less of a headache. In addition to the savings you’ll experience up-front, it’s likely that you’ll also end up saving on energy costs down the line. When the outdoor temperatures are right, you’ll be able to effortlessly open your garage door to allow the outdoor temperatures to flow inside, which can contribute to lower seasonal heating and cooling costs.
    •  Improve Security: If you’re one to leave your garage door open for some time, a garage door screen will provide you with that added element of security. Garage door screens are a great way to add an extra barrier between the valuables in your garage and people passing by.

    There are several different options and styles to choose from when deciding what’s best for your home, but here at A-1 Door Company, we’ve found that the Lifestyle screen is a great place to start! Give us a call today to learn about our garage door screen options.