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Ding-Dong! It’s Information You Need to Know About Video Doorbells

With the help of video doorbells, you’ll always know who’s at your door even when you’re not home! Video doorbells are beneficial because they provide an extra layer of security to your home. You’ll be able to tell the deliveryman where to leave your package, see when friends and family have arrived, and know when your children are leaving and returning home.

Video doorbells are web-connected
intercom systems that incorporate a standard doorbell chime with a video
camera. Here at A1
Door Company
, we offer Ring
video doorbells
. These doorbells not only buzz to alert you
when a visitor is at your home but can also send notifications to your mobile
devices showing you video feed of whoever is at your door.

Ring’s video doorbells have a motion sensor that detect any activity on your property which triggers instant mobile alerts, giving you peace of mind when you are away from your home. Additionally, video doorbells are easy to install and setup! Ring doorbells can either be wired up to your home or powered by a rechargeable battery. They also come equipped with the option of recording everything so that it’s captured by the video camera and can be replayed later. This information is then stored on your smart doorbell provider of choice’s could storage system and is accessible at any time.

Do you need help deciding if a video
doorbell is right for your home? Give
us a call today
and we’d be
happy to discuss your options! By knowing what is most important to you, we’ll
be able to pick the best device for your specific situation. If having a clear
picture is important, a certain Ring model may be better than another. If you
are interested in having a Ring video doorbell or camera system installed at
your home or business, we’re here to get the job taken care of!

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