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Facts About Residential Garage Door Openers

Many people tend to not think about their garage door openers
until they stop working. Nothing puts a dent in your day’s plans quite like a
garage door that won’t open! The truth is, however, that garage door openers
serve a variety of purposes – not just lifting and closing your overhead doors.
As technology continues to evolve, garage door openers just become even smarter!

This is why we’re sharing some of the most interesting facts
about residential garage door openers. Knowing more about these pieces of
equipment will help you set a more accurate value for them and prevent any
surprises during your next garage door opener installation.

Openers Can Be Hacked                                                       

While the evolution of technology can be a good thing, it
can also come with some bad. Garage door openers that used a “fixed code”
wireless system to open are vulnerable to breaches. It was discovered years ago
that simple technology from an old toy could be used to open garage doors
without a secure code. We won’t go into too much detail here, but will give the
following warning: if your garage door is more than 5-10 years old, you may
want to contact a specialist to see if you’re at risk of a break-in.

Openers Are Required By Law to Be Safe

If you’re in the market to buy a garage door opener, you can
rest assured that you’ll be making a safe purchase. Because of a tragic history
of injury, lawmakers were pushed to step in and push forward legislation in
1993 that required a minimum level of safety in all models of garage door
openers. This includes sensors that can detect people walking under your door,
which used to be a major threat to children’s safety. Since 1993, however,
incidents with garage door opener-related injuries are pretty much unheard of.

Openers Are Going High-Tech

You’d think something that serves such a simple purpose
wouldn’t become so complex, but that’s exactly what is happening to garage door
openers. The top garage door manufactures are tricking out openers with all
kinds of tech-savvy integrations. This includes Wi-Fi hotspot connectivity, the
ability to control the opener through an app, and LED lighting.

Hopefully this information helps you to see your garage door
openers as a valuable tool in your home! New openers add value to your home, as
well as increased function and efficiency. If you’re looking to equip your home
with a new garage door opener, give
the experts at A1 Door Company a call

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