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  • Safety Tips for Garage Door Extension Springs

  • When most people think of their garage door, the springs aren't usually the first thing that comes to mind. They're more prone to think about the remote, automatic opener, or the door itself.

    While these components are the most visible, the springs are the hidden stars of your garage door system. They are highly important, and without them, the door won't work right, or at all.

    As important as your garage door extension springs are, they can also be dangerous if they aren't taken care of. Here are four tips that'll keep you safe around your garage door springs.

    Use Safety Hardware

    While all springs are designed to carry tension, your garage door extension springs carry an extreme load. It requires an incredible amount of force to raise and lower your garage door properly, and this can cause a hazardous situation.

    If one of these springs snaps during the operation of the door, it can cause tremendous damage to whatever it ends up hitting as the pieces go flying. A safety cable run through the spring, on the other hand, will prevent this from happening.

    Make sure you have the proper safety hardware installed to reduce the risk of damage and injury to your family and your property.

    Check And Maintain Periodically

    Often times, people don't realize there's something wrong with their springs until they break or stop working. To keep your system in good, safe, working order, you need to check all components regularly.

    Make sure all brackets, fasteners, and other hardware are secure and in good condition. Check your cables to make sure they're in secured in place and ready to work. Check your springs for signs of rust, stretching out, and possible stress points where breakage could occur.

    Lubricate squeaky springs and parts, clean away built up dirt and debris, and ensure all hardware is properly tightened and fastened. Your springs will work better, your door will operate smoother, and you'll make your garage a safer place.

    Replace Or Repair As Needed

    Worn springs and broken hardware are the top causes of potential spring system failure, which leads to frustration, costly repairs, and possible injuries. To prevent this, you need to take care of any problems you see as soon as you see them.

    Even if it's something as small as one tiny stripped screw, it can still cause hardware failure and other issues down the line. Catching these issues early saves you both time and money in the long run.

    Garage door extension springs will also wear out with time and use. This makes it important to replace them, as they need it. Not only will this keep your door operating smoothly, but reduces the risk of failure in other hardware or you getting stuck in your garage.

    Let a Professional Handle Your Garage Door Extension Springs

    While it is possible to work on your own garage door springs, it's highly recommended that you let a professional do the work for you.

    They'll have the right tools and knowledge that's required to properly relieve all tension in your spring system, allowing repair work to be done safely and without risk of injury to anyone involved.

    They'll also be able to spot problems you might have missed, reinstall everything properly, and ensure that your door is in good working order for years to come.

    If your garage door needs some TLC, we can help. Contact us for a free quote today, and we'll work with you to get you back in safe, smooth, working order!