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  • Garages are among the most versatile places in any house.  For some, a garage is a safe haven to park vehicles and store things. For others, they're a workshop, an office, or a rehearsal stage. 

    Whatever your garage is, it can be so much more with a garage door screen.  Mounting to your existing garage door, screens are retractable and easily maneuverable by hand. Here are some of the many benefits a screen brings to your garage.

    Air Flow

    Working in the garage during the summer can be brutal.  Most garages aren't air-conditioned. Heat and humidity get trapped inside, turning it into a sauna.  Installing a screen allows you to open up your garage to let the air flow in for a cooler working environment.

    Keep Pests Out

    Sure, you could open the garage for better circulation even without a screen. But the summer months also bring insects. 

    Screens let the air in, but keep bugs out. You can keep cool without exposing your arms and legs for a mosquito feast. 

    A screen also prevents leaves, grass, and dirt kicked up by yardwork from coming inside. A screen is a great way to keep your garage clean.

    Better Security

    Leaving a garage door open and unattended for even a few minutes can be dangerous.  It only takes a few seconds for a thief to run in and snag some of the items you store in your garage.

    Lawnmowers, power tools, and other equipment are valuable and easy to snatch. Even cars and motorcycles can be stolen

    A garage screen door allows you to keep the garage open, but with more security. The sight of the screen itself will deter thieves looking for easy targets.

    Reduce Use of Regular Garage Door

    If you work out of your garage frequently, your current garage door probably gets a lot of use.  Especially if you're conscious of security threats as outlined earlier.

    Smart homeowners will close their garage door even for a quick trip inside or into the backyard.  It may seem negligible, but every up and down of a garage door uses power. The use adds up over time and makes its way into your electricity bill. It also adds wear and tear to the motor, springs, and other garage door equipment. 

    Screen doors are light and can be moved manually. That means you can keep the garage secure without needing to power up the opener every time you step back inside.

    Garage Versatility

    For many homeowners, garages are more than a place to park cars and store tools.  Garages become bedrooms, man caves, and movie theaters. They host parties and music concerts. Some of the greatest bands and businesses of our day started out in garages

    Whether it's a place to gather and celebrate or a place to work, a screen gives you more freedom and comfort to do more in your garage.

    Install a Garage Door Screen

    It's clear a screen makes a great addition to any garage.  Founded in 2001, A-1 Door Company is a family-owned garage door service in Richmond, Virginia. Call or message us today for a free quote on your new garage door screen.


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