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  • Garage doors are complicated machinery, and when they are poorly maintained they can be dangerous.

    Every year people are injured or killed by garage doors. But, regular garage door maintenance can keep your door running smoothly and safely for years to come.

    Garage door failures are expensive to repair and require a professional technician's attention.

    But you don't need a technician to prevent malfunctions. You can prevent major failures with regular garage door maintenance.

    Continue reading for tips on keeping your garage in great condition.

    Watch and Listen to Your Door

    Looking and listening are the first steps to garage door maintenance.

    Does your door move smoothly, or does it jerk up and down? Is your garage door operating silently, or does it make a lot of noise? Are both sides symmetrical?

    Act quickly when you notice your garage door isn't working quite right. Quickly addressing issues prevents long-term deterioration.

    Observing how your garage door operates can help you identify issues before they become problems.

    The internet is a great resource for troubleshooting and can help you diagnose some issues yourself. Remember safety is key -- Never attempt garage repairs that require a professional technician's expertise.

    Watch your Balance

    An unbalanced garage door unnecessarily strains the garage door opener! Over time, this will deteriorate your opener and you will have to replace it more quickly.

    Testing your garage door balance is easy. Begin by disconnecting the opener and manually lift the door halfway. If the door doesn't stay, it needs to be rebalanced.

    Unbalanced doors are more likely to unexpected fall or close. Balancing your door is crucial to preventing injury or damage to your equipment.

    Garage door coils are difficult to adjust -- hire professional help.

    Keep-Up With The Little Things

    Regular maintenance is crucial to preventing garage door damage.

    The little things make a big difference in garage door maintenance. Regularly inspecting your garage door's hardware will prevent malfunctions and delay wear-and-tear on your system.

    Simple hardware maintenance can keep your garage door running smoothly.

    Use a socket wrench to tighten all of your roller brackets and bolts. Rollers also need to be regularly inspected and replaced.

    Inspect your rollers every six months and make sure they are free from cracks or chips.

    Keep it Moving with Lubricant

    Add years to your garage door's life by keeping it well lubricated. Garages have a lot of moving parts and a healthy dose of lubricant will keep them moving.

    Apply lithium grease to your opener screw or chain once a year. Also, you need to clean and lubricate your overhead torsion springs twice a year.

    Remember, you can add years to your garage door's life by keeping it well lubricated.

    Garage Door Maintenance is in Your Hands

    Garage doors are complicated and major issues require a professional technician's attention.

    But, you can prevent problems with regular door maintenance. Maintaining your garage door keeps your family safe and prevents damage to your system.

    If you have any questions, please give us a call or leave a comment below!


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