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  • Stay Safe: 5 Tips to Improve Garage Door Security


    The Internet has only made it easier for thieves when it comes to finding ways into your home. Now, there are even devices you can buy online that will open up a garage door -- whether or not it's your own. In fact, recent studies show that it only takes a burglar about 6 seconds to open up your garage door and get inside your home. 

    What can you do to improve your home's garage door security?

    Read on to find out...

    1. Examine Your Garage Door's Windows

    While having windows on your garage door may let some light in and look great, they also provide a fairly easy entry point for thieves.

    When you're having your garage door installed, be sure to speak with your specialist about selecting strong/durable windows. 

    Also, make sure you consider the size of the windows. You don't want them to be too large, as it will then be easy for someone to peek in and tell whether or not you're home. Make sure they're high up, where it's difficult to get a good look inside. 

    2. Consider Your Door's Material

    Even if you have a great locking system and are careful about garage door security, the material that your door is made from can be a threat to your safety.

    Many garage doors are made out of materials that can barely stand up to the elements -- let alone a determined team of thieves.

    You may want to consider switching to a thicker gauge steel for your garage door. 

    3. Switch Up Your Remote

    Sure, having a remote-controlled garage door opener in your car is convenient -- it's also easy for a thief to break in and steal, especially if you leave your car parked outside at night. 

    Instead, invest in a remote that fits on your keychain. As long as you have your keys with you, you'll also be the only person that can open your garage. 

    4. Lock It Up

    Especially if you're headed out for a longer vacation, it's a good idea to get a padlock to place over the throw latch of your garage. 

    If you don't feel comfortable installing a lock on your garage door, then you absolutely must install a deadbolt on any door to your home that can be accessed from the garage.

    5. Make Sure It's Shut

    This is the easiest thing on our list of tips -- but it's also something that causes a high number of break-ins. 

    Especially if you're using a button to close your garage door, don't fully pull out of your driveway until you've watched your garage door completely close. Remember, even if there's just a tiny crack of space, thieves can still use tools to get inside. 

    Final Tip For Garage Door Security? Rely On A Professional

    When it comes to garage door security, as you can see from this list, prevention is the best cure. 

    That prevention starts with hiring a reputable, experienced professional garage door service to install, monitor, or repair yours. 

    Get in touch with us today to learn more about how to make the most out of our 24/7 services