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How to Handle a Garage Door-Related Accident

It happens to the best of us: you are in a rush to start your morning, drop the kids off at school, and head to work. As you back out of your garage, you are interrupted by a thud and a loud noise. You forgot to allow the garage doors to completely open. Luckily, the car does not show too much sign of damage, but the same cannot be said of your garage door.

Garage door accidents do happen. The biggest culprit for accidents tends to be distractions. In the above example, failing to notice that the garage doors had not fully opened was the kicker. Items left in the tracks can also be a source for accidents. Leaving something like a broom in the tracks can disrupt the affected side of the garage door from closing properly, possibly resulting in the panels falling out of the tracks and onto your vehicle.

Mistakes are also a big factor in garage door accidents. Sometimes you miscalculate a turn and end up backing your car right into the tracks and door jamb. Even though your garage doors were in the upright position, the compromised tracks will prevent the doors from safely closing and securing your home. All of the above examples beg the question:

How Should I Respond to a Garage Door Accident?

As with other types of accidents, the first piece of advice would be to relax (as much as you can) and breathe. We tend not to think or behave rationally when in the face of accident-related adversity. This can lead us to spend more money than we should or acting against our own interests.

Depending on the severity of the accident, you may be tempted to involve your insurance providers to cover the costs for the home and auto related costs. While it is possible that your respective policies would be of service here, you should think of the long term. In addition to the deductible that you are paying for, are you prepared to see an increase in your premium rate? It is for these reasons that you should probably pay out of pocket for any repairs.

As far as the final step, there is no way around it: you must call a garage door repair expert as soon as possible. Damaged garage doors pose nothing but risks to your family and property. A visibly damaged garage door indicates that your home is not properly secured from intruders. Dangling panels and damaged frames can also put other parts of your doors under stress and pressure. By addressing your repair needs quickly, you can protect your assets (garage door openers) and prevent personal harm (garage door springs).

Fortunately for you, a garage door repair expert is within reach! At A1 Door Company, we have served as prompt repair experts in Richmond, VA, and beyond since 2002. From small fixes to large projects, we have the tools, equipment, and experience necessary to fulfill your needs. Give us a call today to book your service!

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