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How to Know When Your Garage Door Springs are Broken

For one or many reasons, garage door springs often break and can lead to serious injury, death, or damage to objects in your garage. Garage doors include many complex parts that are essential to the proper functioning of your garage, but garage door springs are among the most important for safely operating your garage door. The following are signs that your garage door springs may need to be repaired or replaced.

Loose cables

Your cables being loose is a clear sign that your garage door springs are beginning to fail. When your garage door cables become loose, the springs will have a hard time operating and functioning as normal. Loose cables and broken garage door springs can lead to more serious problems such as your garage door becoming out of balance or your rollers falling out of the track.

Crooked garage door

Garage doors usually become crooked when the extension springs are broken or severely damaged. This is one of the most straightforward signs that one of your garage door springs is not functioning properly or pulling your garage door from one side, causing it to appear crooked. This problem should be fixed immediately to prevent your garage door from getting stuck and not working.

Garage door slams or falls quickly

Another sign of broken garage door springs is when your garage door slams when you close it or falls faster than usual. This happens because a garage door’s weight is supported by the springs, so when they are broken, it will lead to your garage door slamming or falling at an unusual speed when it is closed. Never continue using your garage door under these conditions because it can lead to serious or fatal injuries.

Garage door not fully opening

When your garage door springs are broken, you will likely notice that your garage door does not open to its fullest capacity. In most cases, your garage door will only open about a few inches before the broken springs can no longer support the weight of the door. Your garage door will need to be repaired immediately if you notice any of these signs.

A1 Door Company has the tools and experience necessary to safely carry out your garage door spring repairs. This is not a DIY job, and it’s very important that you trust a professional with this task. Contact us today for service in Richmond, VA, and the surrounding areas.

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