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Summer Heat and Your Garage Door

The summer heat in Virginia is not always your garage door’s best friend. There are several signs that the heat is becoming a little too much for it.

It’s common for sunlight to interfere in the opening or closing of garage doors. This often happens when sunlight reflects off a garage door’s sensors, making it seem like something is blocking the door’s path. It can be easily fixed by blocking sunlight from the sensors with something opaque like a piece of cardboard. Remember to only block the sunlight, don’t put anything in the actual path of the sensors.

Heat also causes parts of a garage door to begin expanding, including the mechanical parts in the opener. As these parts expand, it throws off the balance of the door. This can result in all kinds of oddities, from weird sounds as your door is opening/closing to abnormal movements in the door. Having your car stuck inside or outside the garage because it won’t open or close is always an inconvenience.

So what can you do to prevent the summer heat from causing trouble? Routinely inspect the hardware and keep your door lubricated. You can easily check visible parts for wear and tear and missing pieces. Lubrication will keep your door running smoothly. Remember to lubricate with the proper oil, never use grease.

Keep the door clean and routinely test it. This is one of the simplest maintenance tips. By keeping your door clean and giving it regular tests you’ll be able to spot any damages right away. You’ll also get more time and more attractive appearances by doing this.

You can also always check the owner’s manual for your door for any warnings specific to extreme weather. If you notice odd noises or see your door struggling to open and close properly it may be time for a tune up. A1 Door Company offers the most reliable garage door repairs in Richmond, VA, and beyond. Give us a call today to learn more!

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