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How to Prepare Your Garage Door for Winter

5 Tips to Prepare Your Garage Door for Winter

It is almost the winter season, which means that you have to prepare your garage door for all of the nasty weather. Whether it’s snow or ice on the ground, these conditions can significantly impact how your garage door operates. Luckily, all you need are a few simple preparations to get ready for whatever winter throws at you.

  1. Check the Track Temperature

You probably know that snow and ice can get stuck on your garage door, making it extremely difficult to operate. However, you should also be aware of how much the track itself is affected by cold weather. Because metal expands in heat and contracts in the cold, the rail (also known as the “track”) will become much narrower in freezing conditions when compared with other times of the year. This is why you need to take special precautions to ensure that your doors open and close smoothly.

  1. Check for Debris

When it comes to winterizing your garage door, one of the most important things that you can do is check for debris. You may or may not already clean around your door regularly, but now is the time to take a few extra measures. This is because there could be an abundance of dirt and other elements, such as leaves or twigs, that have accumulated on your door since last season. You don’t want these obstructing the tracks during the winter, so be sure to remove any debris from both sides of the track thoroughly.

  1. Clean Your Tracks

It would be best if you hire professionals like the team from A1 Door Company to clean your entire garage door, including its tracks, at least twice per year. However, as we mentioned before, winter conditions can throw a wrench into even the most well-established maintenance routines. For this reason, you must inspect all parts of your system for dirt and grime as soon as possible to prevent ice buildup throughout the winter. If you do discover any dirt, chemical spray can be a lifesaver to quickly remove the debris without heavy scrubbing.

  1. Improve Track Protection

Although your garage door is still going to be affected by colder temperatures in the winter months, there are many steps that you can take to protect your tracks from ice and snow buildup. This includes applying a special foam backing or cover over the top of the track itself. Not only will this prevent accumulating elements from causing malfunctions, but it also will help keep your door operating more smoothly during those cold days.

  1. Reduce Ice Dams

Ice dams are just what they sound like: when a mass of ice forms along the edges of your roof and prevents melting snow from draining. This could lead to leaks and damage to your home.

If you cannot avoid this situation during the winter months, you should consider an anti-ice coating for your garage door tracks. Alternatively, you can also try to reduce how much ice and snow accumulates near them by clearing downspouts and gutters throughout the year.

Is Your Garage Door Ready for Winter?

Winter is a particularly vulnerable time for your garage door. All of that snow, ice, and other elements are not only hard on the equipment, but they can also prevent you from getting out in an emergency if necessary. By taking these few simple precautions around this time of year, you can better ensure smooth operation while staying safe.

A1 Door Company has what it takes to prepare your garage in Richmond or any of the surrounding areas for the winter season.

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