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What is Included in a Garage Door Maintenance Check?

Many homeowners only find themselves calling a garage door service when they urgently need one. Whether they need a new door or emergency repairs, it’s usually a reactive measure. More and more people are being proactive through preventative maintenance. Rather than waiting for something to break or stop working, savvy homeowners opt instead for regular inspection checks.

In this blog, we’re going to discuss garage door maintenance checks, and what is included in them. Different providers will offer a different set of items, so we’ll go over some of the most popular.

Opener Tests

One of the most important things to check out when assessing a garage door is the safety of the opener. A professional will likely a few different tests to ensure your garage door opener is working as it should. A Reversal Test will make sure that a door will return to it’s opening position should any obstacle be detected. The Force Setting Test will test the door’s ability to reverse when an expert holds the door while it attempts to close. Lastly, a technician may conduct an Additional Safety Devices Test, to account for any others measures that your opener has in place.

Garage Door Inspection

Another part of a maintenance check that is well-suited for professionals is an inspection of the major tools. A professional will assess the garage door’s springs, cables, rollers, and other hardware to look for signs of wear.

Some of these parts – namely the springs – are under an immense amount of pressure that is extremely hazardous. This makes maintenance a potentially harmful task if you aren’t sure on what you are doing. Allowing an expert to inspect your garage doors can be the safest solution. Plus, they may be able to spot small fixes that can be made for cheap, which will prevent a potentially larger and more expensive repair.


The last piece of a maintenance check is often where the technician will clean off and/or lubricate the parts of the door. Doing so keeps your door looking good, working smoothly, and even making for a quieter experience when you open and close it. A technician will know the best kinds of lubricant to use, as well as know what parts are meant to be lubricated and which aren’t! Keeping the parts of door cleaned off and primed for use will help you to get more time with your overhead door!

At A1 Door Company, we want to help you stay proactive when it comes to your garage doors. We’ve helped Richmond, Virginia, and the surrounding area with their maintenance needs for years. Give us a call to set up your maintenance plan today!

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