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Safety Tips for Operating Your Garage Door

Common Garage Door Safety Tips

Garage doors are a necessary evil of suburban living. They keep out the cold in the winter and the bugs in the summer but can often be a pain to operate. Here are a few safety tips to ensure your garage door is working correctly and safely.

Ensure You Know Where the Emergency Stop Button Is Located

It may seem obvious, but it is a good idea to know where the emergency stop button for your garage door opener is. This way, if something goes wrong, you can quickly cut power to the motor and bring the door to a safe stopping point. You should also ensure your opener has a manual release to enable you to disengage the opener and lower the door in case of an emergency.

Make Sure Your Garage Door Is Maintained Regularly

This should go without saying, but we know how tough it can be to find time for maintenance when everything else seems like an emergency. If your garage door starts making strange noises or if the door feels different when you open or close it, have your garage inspected immediately.

Don’t Ever Open Your Garage Door Unless You Are Sure No One Is Coming

This one seems like it could be common sense, but there are tons of people who rush to get their car out in the morning without thinking twice about the door. Make sure you check both ways before opening your garage door. Be particularly wary of children or animals in the vicinity; it only takes a second for tragedy to strike.

Check the Track Regularly to Make Sure It’s Not Warped

We’ve all seen the movie where someone gets their foot stuck between the rail and the track. It’s not as common as it is in the movies, but the danger is genuine if you don’t check your track for damage regularly. If you suspect there may be a problem with the rail, immediately disengage your opener and call a maintenance professional.

Check Overhead Power Lines Before Opening the Door

At some point in your garage door’s lifetime, it will be necessary to replace the opener. Before you do so, check all overhead power lines and make sure there is no danger of them causing damage to anyone or anything if they were to come into contact with a moving part such as the chain (if this is what you currently use).

Never Have Someone Operate the Door Unless They Are Trained to Do So

As with anything related to home safety, you must ensure your family members are trained in operating your garage door. It requires the functioning of numerous electronic components, so whoever operates it should be someone who knows what they are doing. If you have a child, make sure to teach them early and often.

No matter how large or small your garage door is, safety should always be the first thing on your mind whenever you operate it. Ensure you heed all of these suggestions to help you and your family avoid any accidents. If you have any questions about your garage door, please reach out to us at A1 Door Company.

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