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Should You Get Two Single Garage Doors or One Double Garage Door?

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Comparing Two Single Garage Doors to a Double Door

Remodeling your garage gives you an opportunity to redesign some of its features. If your home has a spacious garage, you could use several door configurations. Two single doors would let you open half that garage at a time. A double door could be a better fit for your home, though. Here’s a closer look at these two options.

Double Doors Provide More Space to Maneuver

Parking in the garage with kids can be difficult if you’ve got single doors. You won’t have as much room around the side of your car because you’ll have to park close to the wall.

A double door tends to feel easier if you’ve got children. You can park in the center of the garage, leaving room around the side.

It can be difficult to fit more than one vehicle in the garage if you’re parking like that, though. Those living on their own might prefer using single doors.

A Single Door Might Be Easier to Maintain

Maintenance is always something to keep in mind if you’re a homeowner. Regardless of which type it is, you should maintain your garage door regularly.

Maintaining a double door won’t cost as much in the long run, usually. That’s because it’s only got one set of components.

However, if it breaks down, you won’t be able to use the garage. Two single doors would still give you another option if one of them breaks. You can get by using the functional door until you’ve repaired the other one.

It might cost you more overall, though. So, you’ve got to consider how much you’re willing to budget for garage repairs.

Two Doors Work Better on Larger Garages

If your garage is 18 feet wide, a double door would fit it perfectly. A 22-foot garage would work better with two doors, though.

That’s because a single door can only get so large before it weighs too much for a motor to lift it. Extra-large garages should use multiple doors to prevent overloading their motors.

Using two doors would split the work between multiple motors, extending their lifespans.

There’s an Aesthetic Difference Too

You’ve always got to consider how things will look, too. Two doors would look perfect underneath the upper level of a colonial-revival home.

Gothic-revival homes tend to look best when you’ve got a double door for the garage. Working with experienced contractors makes finding something to match your home’s image easy.

You can ask them for help deciding whether your home would look best with one or two doors. Request a quote to see what the price difference would be between both options. Seeing that difference can make the decision feel much simpler.

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