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  • What Garage Door Opener is best for you?

  • What Garage Door Opener is best for you?

    Garage door openers provide convenient access to your garage, improving security and home value. They also include new features like smart home connectivity and smart-device capabilities that only increase the convenience and value of these systems. Choosing the right door opener is about more than just finding affordable options, however. You should look at the different types of systems available and the benefits of each to find what works for you.

    Garage Door Opener Types

    There are three main types of automatic garage door operation, and each has its own pros and cons to consider. Chain drive systems are the most common because they are economical, but they also produce the most noise and require the most maintenance. A belt-drive opener will be quieter, but still has some residual noise and vibration to worry about. Screw drive openers, which are becoming more popular, offer smooth, quiet operation and easy repairs because of minimal maintenance required by the system. Look at all three options and see what kind of remote openers and other features are offered with each.

    Check Out Features and Function

    One of the best ways to identify the right garage door opener for your needs is to compare the functions and features of the systems available. Look for a model with a switch operation to turn the system off, as well as one with integrated safety features to prevent injury or damage due to emergency failures. See how many remotes come with the unit, as well as what unique features the remotes might offer. Some newer smart garage door opener systems also integrate with smartphones and tablets, which might be an even more convenient solution than a traditional remote. Popular features you can find in today’s garage door openers include:

    • Home automation connectivity
    • Built-in Wi-Fi connectivity
    • Vehicle compatibility and syncing features
    • Auto-close timers
    • Locks that prevent remote usage
    • Battery backup
    • Motion-sensing security lights
    • Soft-start motors

    Read Reviews

    Both third-party reviews and product reviews from actual homeowners are going to be helpful in your quest to find the best garage door opener. Unbiased third-party reviews will help you explore all of the best systems on the market and see what features they offer. Then, you can check out the consumer reviews to see how the various openers actually work on a day-to-day basis. In order to make an informed decision, choose reviews from reputable sources. Make sure that you utilize both types of reviews for the best outcome, as well.

    Ask the Professionals

    One of the best ways to find the ideal garage door opener for your home is to ask for a professional garage door technician to help you explore the options. They can come to your home and assess your needs, as well as the size of your garage and other factors that may influence your buying options. Then, with that information, they can advise you on the best openers on the market that fit your needs. This can narrow down your selection significantly and save you a lot of time on researching systems yourself.

    Finally, once you’ve decided on the best garage door opener, make sure that you rely on a trusted professional to install and maintain the system for you.