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  • When Should You Contact a Professional?

  • Garage Door Repair: When Should You Contact a Professional?

    Garage door repair is usually best left to the professionals. While a coat of paint or a simple lubricating of the springs and track might be easy enough to do yourself, most repair jobs require a trained, skilled technician to ensure that the job is done right. DIY repairs might seem like a good way to save money, but things don’t always go according to plan. Not to mention that a number of repairs that your garage door might need could be dangerous, such as a spring replacement. If you’re having serious garage door issues, it might be time to contact the pros. Here are some signs you should ask for help.

    Repairs That Pose Safety Risks

    While a garage door system might seem simple enough, there are many working parts involved in the smooth operation of your door. Parts are heavy, sharp, and often pressurized, which can release immense power when you start taking things apart. Garage door springs, for example, should only be replaced or repaired by professionals who understand how to remove them without the risk of damage or injury. It might seem easy enough to do the work yourself, but is your safety and well-being really worth the risk?

    Full Replacement of Garage Doors

    People who are in the market for a replacement garage door installation definitely need to rely on professionals. The installation process is one that needs to be done with precision to ensure proper operation of the door and opening system. You should never hire a freelance worker or ask your buddy to come help you replace your garage door. Choose a reputable, professional garage door repair company that can install the door properly and guarantee the work that they do.

    Proper Operation and Function

    There are big safety risks involved with a garage door that isn’t operating properly. By attempting repairs yourself, you might affect the operation of the door or cause it to malfunction in other ways. Not only is this frustrating because you will keep having to attempt a repair, but it can become dangerous and expensive over time. By taking the time to find and hire a professional repair technician, you can trust that your door will be in perfect working condition once repairs are completed.

    Protect Your Home’s Value

    Homeowners have an asset in their property, and need to keep the value of that asset as high as possible. DIY projects, which can save money in some cases, might actually cause the value of your home to drop. Improper or partial repairs are considered devaluing to a home. Not only that, but some appraisers will want to see guarantees of repairs and other certification from a trained, professional service to determine the value added to (or detracted from) the home. A professional repair job that is guaranteed and performed by licensed, trained technicians will increase your home’s value in addition to giving you back a functional garage door