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  • What to Do If Your Garage Door is Stuck

  • The garage door serves a number of functions in the home. The most important is that it encloses your vehicles and forms an extra layer of security for the house to which it is attached. Most garage doors are easy to maintain and will serve you well for a long time when properly serviced. However, when your garage door starts acting up, you need to know the possible causes of the problem so that you can look for a workable solution. Here are a few common causes of garage door problems and possible solutions:

    Check whether the track is lodged

    One of the most common causes of a jammed garage door is when an object blocks the tracks. If the door is rolling down, but stopping somewhere along the way, check the tracks and see if anything has fallen in the tracks, making the door impossible to close. The quick fix to the problem is simply locating where exactly it is lodged and removing it so the smooth operation can resume.

    Check whether the door springs are broken

    The other common reason for garage door problems is when the springs are broken. This happens a lot, especially when the springs are located horizontally at the top of the garage or what is known as torsion springs. If there is a gap between the springs, it is an indication that they are broken, which means that they need to be replaced. On the other hand, there are garages whose springs are located on either side of the door, or what is called extension springs. When you see a piece of these springs hanging on either side of the door, it means they are broken, and you will need a garage door repair expert to fix them.

    Check if the door has come out of the track

    Another common reason for garage door problems is when the entire door goes off its tracks. This problem is easy to see as the rollers will be literally off the tracks. If the rollers themselves are not damaged in any way, they will not need to be replaced. However, you will need to have an expert put the rollers back on the tracks so that the door can resume normal operation. When the rollers are damaged, you can either repair or replace them.

    Checking if the sensor is broken

    Most garage doors that are less than 25 years old have photo eye safety sensors which makes them stop running when it senses an object or obstruction on its way. The design was meant to save lives and property from automatically closing doors. However, if the sensor is broken, it reflects nonexistent shadows, leading to sensor failure and failure of the door to close as it should. If this is what is happening, have an expert check and replace the sensor so the door can resume normal function.

    These are some of the common problems which affect garage doors and their possible solutions. It is advisable to have a garage door repair expert dealing with the maintenance so that possible problems can be identified and resolved in time.