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  • High-Tech Garages That Will Blow Your Mind

  • From the appliances needed to maintain a more comfortable environment to next-generation garage doors that provide features like nearly-silent operation or enhanced automation, there are plenty of resources available for home and property owners interested in creating a high-tech space. Garages that have more to offer and spaces that may be able to accommodate a wider range of activities and storage solutions can add considerable value to the market value of a home. The following garage upgrades and additions can all make it much easier for households to create a more comfortable and versatile atmosphere.

    Feature 1: Room and Area-specific Climate Control

    Lacking the ability to control the interior climate can greatly limit the usefulness of a garage. The installation of a heat-pump, ductless mini-split AC unit or other climate-control device that is able to provide more convention and cost-effective temperature control can have many potential benefits. Interior environments that lack temperature control may be unsuitable for certain activities and may even limit the range of items that may be safely stored within the garage. Equipment that offers efficient and dependable climate control can go a long way towards ensuring homeowners are able to put their garage space to better use.

    Feature 2: Superior Storage and Organization

    Excessive clutter within the garage is another issue that could end up causing problems. Modular storage systems that offer the flexibility needed to safely store belongings, ensure superior organization or to free up additional interior space can be a worthwhile addition to any garage. Homeowners who are constantly struggling to locate stored items and those who are suffering from a level of clutter that could limiting their options would do well to seek out a storage system better suited to their needs. The right storage solutions can make it easier to create and maintain a neat, orderly and well-organized garage.

    Feature 3: Solar-powered Garages

    Utility costs can place considerable strain on the household budget. While the installation of a home-solar setup may entail some upfront costs, the ability to power all appliances and devices within the garage with power generated on-site can have quite an impact. Smaller installations that are suitable for generating only the power needed for certain rooms, areas and activities can often well worth the cost of purchase. A greener, more cost-effective and more sustainable home could have benefits that home and property owners cannot afford to overlook when planning their upgrade or garage renovation.

    Feature 4: High-tech Garage Doors

    The latest generation of garage doors offers a variety of features that would have been hard to imagine just a few short years ago. Quieter operation, interfaces that can allow users to operate their door through a smartphone or mobile device and even systems that utilize a combination of cameras and lasers to make parking an easier undertaking can all make welcome additions to a garage environment. The latest technology has much to offer, especially for homeowners who are interested in finding ways to get the most out of their garage. A full-featured garage door is essential for anyone seeking to upgrade their garage with the latest tech.