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  • Tips for Organizing Your Garage

  • Tips for Organizing Your Garage

    Whether you haven't open the garage up in months after a long winter or you pretend not to see the clutter that's hiding behind the door every time you go in, the time has come to clean up the space and render it usable again. Getting organized can seem overwhelming, but it's less problematic when you take it one step at a time.


    Assess the Situation

    When you have at least a day to spend on the day, take everything out of it. Doing so is necessary to assess what you have. Once you have all of the items spread out, you can start to put your belongings into piles. For example, you may have some items that definitely need to go back into the garage, but you also may have belongings that are better suited to other parts of the house. Also, you are likely to discover possessions that you would rather discard.


    Host a Garage Sale and Donate

    Before you start moving your unwanted possessions from the garage to the garbage, work to find a better use for them. The term "garage sale" isn't widely used for no reason. Now is the time to host your own. Make sure that you advertise both in the community and online to increase the potential number of attendees. If you don't want to have a sale or have items leftover at the end of the sale, donate them to a charity in need. Instead of simply allowing items to go to waste, let them benefit someone.


    Procure Containers and Boxes

    If you just shove everything remaining back into the garage, you'll only end up with a mess again in a short while. Amassing enough boxes and containers to store your items is important. You may place larger items right into the garage without further storage; still though, make sure they are organized. For example, the boxes that are labeled "Halloween" should go near the larger Halloween decorations. Make sure that the labels are large and visible so that you don't have to shuffle through the entire garage to find what it is that you're looking for.


    Give Yourself Time

    You may decide that you're going to take care of all of these projects in just a day or two, but that may be impossible, depending upon the size of your garage. Instead, overestimate how long the project will take. Otherwise, you may end up getting frustrated that you aren't meeting your own deadlines and just make a mess of the garage once again.


    Keep up the Organization

    Sometimes, the hardest part is not actually organizing the garage; it's actually keeping it organized. When you are next tempted to just throw an item into the garage or put something back in a different place, remember the mess that you made last time. Envisioning having to go through the entire process of cleaning the garage again may inspire you to keep it tidy.


    Organizing the garage isn't necessarily a fun task. However, you may find some items that take you down memory lane, and you'll have a clean garage at the end.