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  • Which Design Suits Your Home Best?

  • Are you concerned about your home's curb appeal?

    You may not think of it often, but garage door styles play a big role in shaping the aesthetic of your property. It's important you choose a style that matches your house's exterior and stands up to the elements.

    You have more options than ever when it comes to choosing garage door styles. Gone are the days of a couple basic choices between white and dark brown.

    Don't be overwhelmed. Use this guide to help you pick the perfect garage door for your home.

    Decide on the Materials

    Wood is the most commonly used garage door material. It's easy to customize and paint over and it matches almost any house exterior. But it requires some upkeep, including periodic painting or staining to maintain its appeal.

    Steel is another popular choice because of its sturdiness. It's available in numerous colors and finishes as well. Though it's sturdy, steel is prone to show dents and rust over time, so consider the upkeep and repair before electing this material.

    Aluminum isn't as sturdy as steel but it is perhaps the most low maintenance material for your garage door. Popular for its ease of operation and installation, many opt for aluminum because it's convenient yet attractive. Also available in different colors and designs, this lightweight material is rustproof and stands up to high humidity.

    Some also choose fiberglass or PVC overlays. In general, they're both more sturdy than metal or wood but also more vulnerable to cracks.

    Decide on the Style

    Once you've selected your material, you're ready to pick the design that will set your house apart.

    Consider your home's exterior design and style. Factor in your own preferences for color and brightness. That'll help you decide which of the many possible garage door styles suits you best.

    To create a more elegant look, consider a Victorian style look complete with panels and windows that complement your home's windows.

    For a more modern look, consider a carriage style garage door. It'll be the envy of the neighborhood. If you prefer to emphasize energy efficiency, the composite style door makes sense for you.

    Decide on the Color

    Now that you've finalized the design, pick the color that will complete the perfect look you envisioned.

    With choices that run the spectrum from icy white to heron blue to charcoal, you can select a color that will either blend in nicely or add a splash or pop and personality.

    Perhaps you want to match your garage door to your front door for continuity. Maybe there are accents in the facade around the door that you want to bring out with color.

    Garage Door Styles for Every Personality

    Your garage is an extension of your home, which is an extension of you. Let your personality shine through when selecting the proper garage door for your property.

    Our team of skilled specialists is happy to assist you with all your garage door needs. From repairs to custom design, our number one priority is giving top notch service to our Richmond community.

    We'd love to help with your next garage project. Contact us with questions or to receive a free quote.