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  • There are a lot of things nobody tells you as a homeowner. One of them is how often to get a garage door service inspection.

    It can be easy to procrastinate on this -- but that would be a bad idea. If you have a high-quality door, you can pay thousands of dollars to get it replaced. And oftentimes, it would have been easier to just get the inspection.

    Don't pay for being lazy. Instead, look at these tips on how often to get your garage door inspected or check out this article on Everything Homeowners Need to Know About Garage Doors

    Garage Door Maintenance

    You should get your door inspected regularly. We will go into more detail about this, but it's important to consider the reason why. Simply put, repairs to your garage can be expensive.

    Because of this, it's important to take care of your garage door as well as you can. To do that, you need to follow the right tips.

    Maintenance isn't just a matter of treating your garage. It's also a matter of looking for signs of damage. As soon as you see them, you should call for service or inspection.

    The most important thing to do is take note of how your garage door looks and sounds. Other than that, there are a number of things you can do when things are fine.

    For more information on this subject, look at our garage door maintenance guide.

    How Often To Get A Garage Door Service Inspection

    Let's say everything is going fine with your door. This is good news, but you still need to get regular inspections.

    You should get an inspection and tune-up at least once per year. And before you think that's a bit excessive, let's look at the why garage safety matters.

    Thousands of people are injured each year by these doors. Some estimates put the number as high as twenty thousand. This can lead to multiple deaths ranging from blunt force trauma to carbon monoxide poisoning.

    A faulty garage door is the most likely cause of any injuries. And the group with the highest level of risk is, unfortunately, children.

    Getting your doors checked isn' just about keeping your life convenient. An annual check can keep you and your children safe.

    There are also more mundane risks. Nobody wants to be locked outside of their house or unable to get the car out of the garage. Make sure you stay on top of this vital part of owning a home.

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