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Riding Mower Wreaks Havoc on Chester Garage Door

Here’s a scene all too common to our team at A1 Door – a new homeowner in Chester, VA, with an unfamiliar piece of lawn equipment, accidentally activates the equipment in the garage and in seconds it looks like major damage to the garage door.

Even a slow speed collision from a small piece of equipment or vehicle can quickly dent, bend, or completely destroy a garage door, resulting in an unsafe condition. When damage such as this occurs, the garage door can no longer be operated and could present a hazard to anyone around the door.

If something like this ever happens to you, immediately call our team at A1 Door for an appointment. We’re available 24/7 and in many cases can resolve your issue the same day.

Garage Door Fixed in a Flash

While the result may look disastrous, this was a rather simple repair for our skilled garage door professionals at A1 Door company.

In this specific example, we had the exact replacement parts in stock and we were able to restore the appearance and functionality of the garage door the same day.

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